For countless years, even for generations of Texan residents, the Marfa Lights have flown just above bushes south of Marfa. What  causes these strange flying lights? Scientists have studied them for years, but extraordinary as it may be, there is not yet any  reasonable explanation for the strange flying behavior that seems to suggest some kind of intelligence. Now, a new hypothesis has  emerged: A group of bioluminescent flying predators hunts for bats and other prey, every few weeks, in this part of Texas. Light Splitting and Rejoining - Marfa Lights Why should earth lights or atmospheric energies behave with intelligence? They should not, Yet the Marfa Lights, the ones labeled “CE-III” by the scientist James Bunnell, act like intelligent flying predators that hunt bats or other prey in this part of southwest Texas. Sometimes a light seems to split into two lights. They will then separate and fly away from each other before turning back and flying toward each other, like a line dance. Some human residents around Marfa call this “dancing devils.” A strange-sounding hypothesis says that these flying lights may be glowing predators that hunt as a group, They may be similar to the ropen of Papua New Guinea. (See the video of a ropen eyewitness interview session on Umboi.) Some Americaans call these kinds of flying creatures “flying dinosaurs,” although the correct term is “pterosaur.”     Marfa Lights Viewing Platform  Visitors come from across the United States, with hope of seeing the mysterious flying and dancing lights of Marfa