Sketch of Two Pterosaurs That Were Observed by Eskin C. Kuhn
"The vertebrae of their backs was noticeable, mostly between the shoulders. I would estimate their wingspan to be roughly 10 feet.

"It has been 30 years now since I was there, memory fades, even for something so startling as that. I recall running to a barracks as they were well past me, grabbing Sgt,Cunningham by the arm and trying to drag his reticent self outside to witness them and corroborrate my sighting, but by the time I could get him outside they were gone." --Eskin Kuhn, U.S. Marine
Pterosaurs in Cuba
Eskin Kuhn was surprised by a phone call from the cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb, early in 2010. Kuhn confirmed the sighting and Whitcomb was convinced that it was a real encounter in 1971.
Compare Kuhn's sketch with the composite head-sketches chosen by two eyewitnesses of the ropen of Papua New Guinea: Hennessy-
Flying Creature
The two cryptids, apparent Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs, seen in daylight at the U.S. base in Cuba (Guantanamo Bay), in daylight in 1971, may actually be nocturnal. The flight in the day may have come from some unusual circumstance such as migration or disturbance of their sleeping area in a cave.

In Papua New Guinea, most of the cryptids that are described like pterosaurs are known to be nocturnal, only coming out in daylight on rare occasions.
Also long-tailed
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